What is this amazing retouching?

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Re: What is this amazing retouching?

filipwphoto wrote:

Please take a look at these photos - https://www.mkslowinski.com/portrait-photography-east-cork

What is it about them that make them look as they do? I do realise that there is heavy editing involved in those.

You can spot straight away that they are heavily dodged and burned with eyes enlarged and probably whole faces and bodies liquified. Let's disregard that, what about the rest? The colours look so beautiful, the light is so even and.. I do not even know how to say what is it.

Could someone give me a hint, how do you achieve such results? Do you know youtube channels where they actually teach you this from scratch? This really looks more like CGI than photographs.

In Photoshop there are "Neural Filters".

One mouse click on the "Smart Portrait" switch can change a face remarkably.

(It has some problems)

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