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Just a genuine question, I really fancy a Nikon Z 20mm f1.8, but at 1K UK price I will have to wait, is there an alternative for basically a starter in Astro photography?

I think maybe not but it's just nice to ask and explore any possible options.



Alternative is 24-70 f/4. 4mm difference is not huge, at f/4 stack multiple exposures to minimise noise. I got 20/1.8 S when it came out and I'm very happy with results.

Why don't you get the lens from e-infinity? It's very popular in europe. Warranty is one year but lenses especially primes are not known to malfunction.

This sounds good Sacred

I have never bought from them but a good saving.

Thank you.

I have both lenses but I wouldn't use an F4 lens for astro if I have a 1.8 lens available. Yes you can stack with F4 lens, but I also stack with my 20 1.8 anyway but the whole process takes much less time since my exposures are shorter. I remember cold nights where I waited 45 minutes for a stack to finish with an F4 lens, but with 1.8 lens the same thing would be over in 10 minutes, which is a huge difference. And with 1.8 I have the ability to not stack if time does not permit.

Ofc, but this is situation where you don't have f/1.8 lens. With 20/1.8 I take single photo because for my purposes quality is already outstanding and believe that stacking exposures with fast lenses is overkill unless you want to make very large prints.

I also believe that buying any other cheaper lens before the one you really want is waste of money and time. DSLRs are less and less popular and selling specialty lens such as 20/1.8G may take months, depending where you live. Not sure for ebay though.

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