Nikon's most affordable 'Subject Isolation' lenses are?

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Re: 135 DC!!!

GarysInSoCal wrote:

Van Griff wrote:

Thanks for the props!!!

Love my 135DC . . . might be my fave lens . . . great field of view . . . and exquisite bokeh . . . in an all metal package and comfortable size . . . and you get to get creative with the DC if so inclined!

Would work great with all those great model shoots you do!



Kudos back at ya... and yes... an exquisite bokeh lens no doubt. An excellent condition version of this lens is somewhat hard to find at anything close to a reasonable price... but I'll keep searchin.

Another shot with the 105 Nanocoat F1.4... it's Alexis... and the background?... gonesville!

Ahhhh . . . the 105 1.4 . . . should be on everyone's wish list . . . exquisite . . . fab capture at f/2!!! . . . melting bokeh . . . doesn't get much better than this!!!

Thanks for the kudos . . . and I hope you find a 135DC you like as well!!!



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