Nikon's most affordable 'Subject Isolation' lenses are?

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Re: Goin 'vertical' is the hot ticket?

GarysInSoCal wrote:

Peekas Pics wrote:

Van Griff wrote:


The 135 f/2 DC is still available . . . listed on NIKON USA and at various retailers . . .

135 DC Nikon USA

135 DC B&H

. . . fabulous subject isolation and absolutely one of my fave lenses . . .

. . . you can find them at great prices on the used market as well . . . and the bokeh is magnificent . . . grab one while you can!

I have a mint condition Nikon 135 f2 DC lens. Not only are it’s images beautiful, it’s a piece of fine work to hold and look at.



Just came to the realization that 'shooting verticals' can sometimes work better at isolating the subject... tossing some foreground and background out... while hightlighting a subject somewhere in between. Gotta haveta start shooting more verticals...

Hey Gary

Most of my shots are in vertical portrait orientation rather than horizontal landscape . . . but I liked this one . . . natural read left to right . . . a little soft focus to start . . . then flowers in focus . . . then travelling down the sidewalk into the distance . . . with the lady in black walking away . . . and others fading into the distance . . . I like this composition coupled with the 135 magical bokeh!

Thanks for the comments!



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