Nikon's most affordable 'Subject Isolation' lenses are?

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Re: 135 DC!!!

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Sorry... NOT gonna be listing any lenses below 50 millimeters... primarily because wide angle zooms and wide angle primes (in my book) don't supply enough 'effective' subject isolation. Starting from the lowest focal length (and don't forget, most affordable, in no particular order)... they are:

4. 135 F2.0 DeFocus Control - a hard to find lens that's been discontinued... but CLASS LEADING 'Subject Isolation' at F4 and faster... truly mind-blowing at F2.0.

These are the lenses I've got best SI results with... what are yours?

. . . fabulous subject isolation and absolutely one of my fave lenses . . .

Great shot here... showing some amazing outta that 135. Wish Nikon would come out with a 135 F1.8 to rival Sigma's offering...

Hi Gary

Thanks for the props!!!

Love my 135DC . . . might be my fave lens . . . great field of view . . . and exquisite bokeh . . . in an all metal package and comfortable size . . . and you get to get creative with the DC if so inclined!

Would work great with all those great model shoots you do!



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