X30 ThumbrestPatch Came Off

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Remove glue and glue back

Yawlen Z wrote:

Without my noticing the onset of this process the glue underneath the X30's thumbrest-patch reverted to a state of sticky fluidity. After a bit of camera manipulation the other day that part just slid off and fell to the floor.

Sorry to hear that.

what manner of solvent would be effective and safe to clean the old glue off both bodycoating and patch?
Maybe nailpolish remover/plain acetone would do it, or else sticker remover/di-ethylether? Or could etherish solvents damage the thumbrest if that's actual rubber?

Depends on the glue. There are so many different types. Some types cannot be removed with solvent at all. Well, yours is already somehow liquid.

You may need a mix of chemical and mechanical (sand paper) removal. That's what mostly works best.

When it comes to the chemical part, I'd say acetone bears a risk of unwanted damage of the substrate, will say the camera body. I always start with the low risk solvents, nonpolar hydrocarbon (cleaning petrol) and an alcohol, polar ethanol or methanol (more polar) or isopropanol (less polar). Alcohol and cleaning petrol can be mixed. Methanol is toxic of course but cheaper as a pure substance (for lens cleaning, but the purity of the solvent plays no role in your case).

You may use acetone but apply it carefully and only locally. Or nail polish remover, that's also a good idea. The newer ones don't contain acetone any more but ethyl acetate instead.

Diethyl ether - well, it has a low boiling point, its vapor has a greater density than air, it's very flammable - you really need to know how to handle it in order to be safe. It would not be my first choice.

And then (next question): what types of glue would they use at camera factories to weld these parts on?

Don't know.

From reading an article on the crockery/glass object restoration biz, I took that Velpon owns good reputation there, or at least for accommodating recuperable repairs.

But I know what I'd use for 'structural' (load bearing) fixings: a 2C epoxy glue. Not that important what the brand is.



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