Looking to power GFX100S with a USB-C Power Delivery

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Antonio Chagin
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Re: Looking to power GFX100S with a USB-C Power Delivery

Rob de Loe wrote:

Antonio Chagin wrote:

Thank you again for all the comments and suggestions.

The basic problem that I had at the beginning of the tread, wasn't really the actual external battery but a problem with the camera firmware not accepting external charging while in "Large indicators EVF-LCD on" which is under screen settings.

Still, today the new firmware is not correcting the problem even though I sent the info to Fujiusa, Fujijapan, and Fuji service USA.

Here the external battery is connected using the large indicators on, you can clearly see is not charging, look at the battery symbol:

Here is without large indicators and it charges:

When after days of moving things around in the menu, I finally got it to charge, I realized I had bought three different batteries that could have worked and I didn't know thinking it was a battery problem.

That is incredibly frustrating! What a fine piece of detective work on your part though. Well done.

Thank you Rob! 

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