Nikon Z9 with Sigma 500mm F/4 DG OS HSM Sports

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Re: More Sample photos: Short-eared Owl in flight

Wow gents! That's so much more than I could have asked for! So nice to wake up to a tone of posts today. This is the best company for my morning coffee ritual.

Lesse P. well done on the purchase. This glass is truly exotic and whilst there are people that vow against it, this glass performs wanders in the right hands. It also seems that the Z9 has really sorted out any issues this lens might have had on DSLR bodies.

Frank thank you so much for your tests and sequels! That's exactly what I wanted to see. Indeed it seems that release didn't affect result, which is another proof of the system's capabilities and that the glass communicates excellently with the body. At 20 FPS, I would of course have no hesitation to operate in focus mode, and judging from your test results, I don't expect it to even slow down performance.

I am super happy to see that there is no focus shifting between shots in AFC. Frank did your copy had this issue though back in the DSLR days (cause mine does)?

Another question is if there is any focus shifting, between apertures. As I had manually calibrated the lens to be tack sharp at F4 on my D500, I have noticed that the more I close down, the softer it becomes (even at 5.6). Presuming that the sweet spot out of the box (ie uncalibrated) is at 5.6, I would expect only minor (or not at all) focus shifting between apertures. Am I correct in presuming so?

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