Lumix S1H vs Sony A7III

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Alun Thomas Forum Member • Posts: 98
Re: Lumix S1H vs Sony A7III

trungtran wrote:


So many adapters available online for these bodies. Easy choice for adapting glass.

True, I forgot to mention that part. I have had to manufacture some of my own adapters for L mount, in particular for Petri, T2, and Miranda screwmount. I did get a Miranda adapter off ebay, but early M44 lenses would not mount to it, Miranda changed the threading at some point, very slightly. I messaged the vendor, it sounds like they intend to address that. Most other SLR mounts you can get by purchasing a Leica M adapter for that mount then using a Leica M-L adapter. Unfortunately no autofocus Leica M adapter seems to be forthcoming, as it is for Sony cameras.

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