Lumix S1H vs Sony A7III

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Re: Lumix S1H vs Sony A7III

I have had an S1 for 6 months or so now. In general I'm happy with it, but there is a few niggles, I don't know if the S1H shares them.

If you have IBIS on and are using non-native lenses, it nags for the focal length every time the camera is switched on, to the point where I leave IBIS switched off, with a custom button to enable it quickly if needed.

If switched to 'manual' shooting mode and the viewfinder display is set to show what the exposure setting will result in (constant preview setting), when shooting longer shutter speeds at night the viewfinder updates at the same rate as the shutter speed, and is basically unusable. After using a Sony for the same type of shots it seems very poorly implemented. I ended up setting up a custom button to turn 'constant preview' on and off quickly.

When plugging into USB to transfer files it always prompts for what to do. Doing what I selected last time would be quicker, which is what other cameras do. Quite minor, but gets old quite fast.

Apart from those small issues, the camera is very nicely made. I really like the e-shutter mode and the fantastic viewfinder. I like the way the histogram goes white when the camera thinks exposure is correct, even when you're in manual mode (wish it wasn't in the dead centre of the viewfinder though). I like the way you can alter the magnification level when you use that particular manual focus aid.

As others mentioned, the flange distance of Leica/Panasonic mirrorless cameras is 20mm, more than other brands. In my experience this is most topical when doing custom adaptions from old single lens rangefinder cameras, some of them just might not have room. Another notable 'miss' is the fact that the Jupiter 12 biogon copy can't be mounted on an L Mount Panasonic due to the restrictive design inside the camera itself.

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