AF Assist light on the Godox X2T-N TTL trigger?

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Re: AF Assist light on the Godox X2T-N TTL trigger?

1: Colour = Visible Red

Don't own one - but been interested in getting this system (shoot with a D850)

You can see the output (visible red light) of the AF assist on the X2 on this Godox video at about 0:20
AF assist lights have to be visible light for the AF sensor to "see" it I think - since a lot of sensors will have an IR filter.

Nikon Speedlight AF assists are usually red (I have a couple of SB-800) - so I imagine the Z-series cameras should work ok with this.

2+ 3.
Don't "know" but I imagine if it's in a very dark situation where the camera can't focus - then just the AF assist (no flash) might help.
I have (quite a while ago) seen people using the Nikon SU-800 commander, without flash before.

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