RF Superzoom?

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Re: RF Superzoom?

davidwien wrote:

John Th wrote:

I am considering RF 24–240mm F4–6.3 which seems nice.

It is an excellent lens, particularly considering the price.

However there are rumors about better zooms - at least on paper. I would pay more and have a bigger lens - for example

  • 24-300mm f/4-5.6 - or -
  • 24-400mm f/4-6.5


They will released „soon”.

They will have a comparable/better(?) quality compared with the actual 24-240 f/4-6.3.

What makes you think that such lenses will be "better" than the 24-240? The technical challenge is greater and the price is bound to be much higher.

I advise you to try the RF 24-240 now, rather than wait forever.


I remember EF 28-300 which is/was way bigger. RF 24-240 is a much smaller design. So, by making a lens bigger (the diameter of elements, especially) and heavier the quality can improve.
Also, the wide(r) end is much harder to do than the tele, so perhaps by sacrificing some milimeters at the wide end (24 to 28 mm) the quality could improve.

Mind you, by going from 24-70 to 28-70 they succeeded to go from F/2.8 to F/2.

WRT price, you're right.

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