RF Superzoom?

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RF Superzoom?


I had on my 1DXmk2 an EF 28-300 (yes, THAT big one of a lens) needed for travel/photojournalism because the scenes which I had/have in front of me change(d) very quickly.

Now I have a new system, centered on R3. I have RF 15-35 F/2.8 and RF 24-70 F/2.8 and I need a travel/superzoom lens for outside.

I am considering RF 24–240mm F4–6.3 which seems nice.

However there are rumors about better zooms - at least on paper. I would pay more and have a bigger lens - for example

  • 24-300mm f/4-5.6 - or -
  • 24-400mm f/4-6.5


They will released „soon”.

They will have a comparable/better(?) quality compared with the actual 24-240 f/4-6.3.

Can someone estimate an approximate release date for these superzooms and their quality compared with 24-240? (I cannot read and compare the technical language data from the patents)

Thanks in advance!

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