DFD: what's the problem exactly?

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Re: DFD: what's the problem exactly?

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So what is exactly the problem here? Does this forum consists 90% of people shooting BIF or is it just some hype from people not actually using the camera?

Yes, I sometimes want to shoot birds in flight. The annoying number of shots where it appears to be focusing on the bird, but actually turns out to have missed focus, are the main issue I have with my G9. I don't get the consistency and success rate that I did with my old Sony A77ii.

At least with the G9's DFD it's usually possible to get a reasonable number of shots in focus, even when shooting a fairly fast subject. The same isn't true of the DFD implementation found on lower end models like the GX9. Even for easier BIF subjects like gulls, the GX9's inferior DFD just isn't reliable enough. CAF aside, I'd much rather be using my GX9 than a bulky faux-DSLR like the G9, so often the GX9 is the only camera I have with me when a BIF/action opportunity appears.

Other than that, my main issue with DFD is that it means that you have to use Panasonic lenses to get the best AF performance. I'm tempted by the Olympus 150-400mm, but using it on my G9/GX9 would presumably result in worse CAF than when using Panasonic lenses like the 100-400mm or 200mm f2.8.

But the GX9 is not the reference really. What’s the issue with the latest G9/GH5M2/GH5S?

So, your OP was a rhetorical question.

My question is as about the system as of 2021/22 not 2015-7

i drove a car in 2015 that is no longer a reference in 2022 don’t you think?

You keep dodging my question.

And I explicitly answered yours. Read my answers again. Used every pana up and including the GH5s.

Nuff said. To each his own. YMMV

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