Gh6 isn't out yet...

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Re: Gh6 isn't out yet...

Harold66 wrote:

perry rhodan wrote:

Harold66 wrote:

True but none of this matters

Lots of posters here and on the rumours forums are ONLY interested in comparing and whining about specs sheet

If most of the cameras have it , they would NOT accept to consider a camera without ONE of the trendy features

It is clear to me that many people on the photo forums are more interested in cameras than making pictures


Hi, I see what you did here!

Now who's whining?

what did I do ? where do I see the whining

Did you even consider the possibility there is a reason MOST cameras have "it"? [Your words]

No idea what you are talking about

Coming from 45 years of heavy use as a serious hobby shooter video (20%) and stills (80%). And the DFD is really coming to an end, if......there is no ... giant leap.

I really hope that pana solves it. But the proof of ther pudding is in the eating. There is only ONE reason why I dumped all my pana gear. The DFD, period. And not wanting to wait any more and having invested in other gear, so not even going to give it a next try.

ok whatever . There are many camera people here who do not know how to make the best of the equipment they have

There are literally millions of people who know how to use DFD in their Panasonic cameras even if you do not


So, we agree, You have no idea.

Nuff said.

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