A1 Birds: How are you switching between perched and BIF?

Started Feb 9, 2022 | Questions thread
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Re: A1 Birds: How are you switching between perched and BIF?

Shutter speed and AF are the only two things that really change for me between the two options (maybe also EC if shooting a bird against the sky). Shutter speed is a flick of a dial, and I have a handful of AF modes assigned to a custom button so I can quickly toggle through them. I generally use small spot (non-tracking) for perched or hopping birds and zone AF (tracking) for BIF. Obviously both with BEAF enabled!

I shoot manual in both cases with the lens wide open (which for a 100-400 is not that wide) and auto ISO (usually capped at about 8000). Shutter speed varies based on the speed of the bird's movement and overall light levels, but obviously I try to shoot as fast as possible in all cases (1/1000 to 1/2000 is typical) except if it's a very calm, still, perched bird (which is rare) when I might drop to as low as 1/200.

I did try assigning a custom function but thought it was a bit of a waste considering how few settings I actually changed between the two subjects.

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