Iso cost of high megapixel FF

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Re: Iso cost of high megapixel FF

You can fret over technical info as much as you want, but speaking from experience I've not really noticed a difference. I went from shooting an A9 (24MP) to an A1 (50MP) and my settings for wildlife are basically the same with no significant difference in the number of keepers or the quality of those keepers. Actually, I'll correct myself -- the A1 has probably increased the number of keepers, not least because it enables me to shoot things I might have missed or not even have attempted with the A9.

Is my ISO sometimes higher for a given shot, all other settings being the same? Maybe, but TBH I have absolutely no idea because I have no interest in such pointless comparisons. The benefits of the A1 far outweigh any potential disadvantage of slightly higher ISO (which these days with software like DeNoise is almost a non-factor anyway).

In other words, don't let the technical equivalent of pixel peeping prevent you from buying a camera that will potentially offer you so many benefits overall.

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