Need some EVF advice, new to mirrorless

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Re: Need some EVF advice, new to mirrorless

Karl_Guttag wrote:

JG1984 wrote:

I don't think thats what i'm looking for. Basically like when you look through the VF of a regular DSLR you can see what you're looking at regardless of ISO or aperture right, but unless i'm wrong with the EVF its takes your shutter, ISO,aperture into account to show you your subject.

I think he was answering your question.

With the R5 mirrorless you can set the viewfinder to:

  1. Exposure simulation - this is what most people use most of the time. In this case, the viewfinder simulates the exposure. If you set the exposure very dark, then the viewfinder gets very dark. It keeps you from greatly under or overexposing the image as it gives you a good idea of what the image looks like.
  2. Exposure simulation disabled - This is most like a DSLR only it can "amplify" dark scenes. In this case, the camera will try and give you a view of the scene without "simulating" based on the exposure settings. Typically, this is used when a flash is attached (and the R5 will automatically go into this mode if you attach a Canon and some other flashes). You can set it to this mode manually if you A) have a non-Canon flash that does not automatically cause the R5 to switch, or B) you have a special need but you may have to pre-focus and/or focus manually.
    1. Warning - R5 focusing goes via the sensor and you will have serious problems focusing if the viewfinder image is dark.

ah ok, that makes sense, thanks.

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