Are Newell replacement batteries any good?

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Re: Not relevant to this discussion - DB-110 is a 1S pack

Entropy512 wrote:

telemach wrote:

Entropy512 wrote:

Analysis here on the Sony forums by one user (I forget who exactly it was) has found that the most common flaw in third party batteries is lack of balancing circuitry in the BMS for 2S packs. The DB-110 is a 1S pack so there is no need for balancing circuitry.

you are reading it wrong; there is a better chance that Cameron Sino and Patona will deliver proper battery as they do use protection circuits and have extra lines of products where cheaper ones just clone shell and put low grade cells;

That means nothing. The third-party Sony packs that lacked balancing DID have protection circuits.

Presence of protection circuits means nothing, reviews of 1S packs means nothing too for any Sony ILCE camera, since the NP-FW50 and FZ100 are 2S packs. It's a completely different animal to have a pack that requires internal balancing.

(That middle pin in Sony packs is a data pin - it is NOT a balance tap.)

it seems that you don't read with understanding, I am writing that there are companies who are experienced in making multiple different power products 1S, 2S etc. and use R&D to deliver something which is definately better than average 3rd party and you are disregarding all of that because I tested something which is 1S; next time just do some browse&search so you can conclude if certain company can or cannot provide quality 2S product with necessary electronics

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