Need some EVF advice, new to mirrorless

Started Feb 10, 2022 | Discussions thread
OP JG1984 New Member • Posts: 9
Re: Need some EVF advice, new to mirrorless

Zeee wrote:

Since you are new to ML besides exposure simulation here is a tip, which depends on what you shoot.

If the camera wakes up and the view finder is not at your eye it opens the LCD. When you bring the camera to your eye there is a delay while it switches from LCD to EVF. I disabled the EVF sensor and programmed the AF option selection button to toggle between the two manually. I leave it on EVF. When I see something I give the shutter a slight touch and by the time I get it up to my eye the EVF is awake.

That may or may not help you but you never know.

so when i click on the shutter to focus its shows the image in the VF but then goes dark because i have it set to 200 iso and f11 for example. what i want to know is there a setting where it works more like a regular dslr

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