Need some EVF advice, new to mirrorless

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Re: Need some EVF advice, new to mirrorless

PMUK wrote:

JG1984 wrote:

So i picked an R5 and this will be my first mirrorless camera. I wasn't prepared for the fact that the viewfinder is completely dark due to my shutter,ISO etc. Because of the lack of a mirror.

I'm just wondering how i fix this so that when i'm looking through the view finder i can actually see my subject without having to change the settings. Thanks.

Hi JG1984,

Welcome to the Canon EOS R Talk Forum - and the R System.

Are you talking about Exposure Simulation?

If so, you can disable this - p.262 of the manual refers.


I don't think thats what i'm looking for. Basically like when you look through the VF of a regular DSLR you can see what you're looking at regardless of ISO or aperture right, but unless i'm wrong with the EVF its takes your shutter, ISO,aperture into account to show you your subject.

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