I need a logic check from people more experienced than me

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Re: I need a logic check from people more experienced than me

ChrisBeere wrote:

Some baseline figures to get you going on a Canon full frame. This assumes a dark site. If you are shooting in anything less than MPSAS 21.3 skies then you are going to have to figure it out yourself with lots of brackets to get the histogram where it needs to be.

F/1.4 - 30 second subs at ISO 1600

F/2.0 - 1 minute subs at ISO 1600...

I typically shoot from Bortle 1-2 skies, so no acrobatics there. As Scott asked, if 30s/1.4/1600 is blowing out stars, shouldn't we be decreasing the exposure to prevent that, and taking multiple exposures to get the integration time we want/need? Or, does stacking mitigate the effects upon star color? I wasn't aware that stacking could significantly recover highlights, but again, I'm just getting started with this aspect of astro.

Scott, sorry for the thread jack...

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