X30 video recording cut short

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Re: X30 video recording cut short

heldercervantes wrote:

Hi there.

I'm experiencing a weird issue with my X30 camera. I' trying to record FHD, 60fps video, and the indicator says I can shoot up to a little over 14 minutes. But when I do, at around 3 minutes of recording it just stops, says "storing", a bit later throws a "write error". The video is stored, however.

Have you tried a different card other than the one listed below?  Do you get the error is shooting at 30fps? Have you tried this? Just ruling things out.

I've just updated the the latest firmware. From what I see Fuji recommends an SD card capable of 10MB/s transfer and the one I have does 80MB.

Can you post a bit more about your card? Some of the newer cards may have some incompatibility with older models...just a hunch....probably not, but worth a shot. A photo of the front of the card with its info would be really helpful and maybe someone will have insight!

I have plenty of storage, 32Gb and formatted in the camera itself, so the issue doesn't look to be there. The camera's internal memory is also clear.

Good start with that.

It also doesn't seem to be battery related. I tried with a full charge, and even with the charger connected.

Other than this, I don't see any other issues in the camera. It works great.

Does anyone have an idea of what could be going on here?

My guess is that is it card related, either a corrupt card in some way OR incompatibility with the card for some reason.


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