Digital for my 17 year old daughter, any ideas?

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Re: Digital for my 17 year old daughter, any ideas?

I recently got the A80 for myself, but at around the same time I picked up a refurbished Minolta Dimage X (2.0 megapixels) on eBay for around $160 as kind of a utility family camera. My 17 year old daughter really likes it, especially its small size. It takes good pictures. Not sure how the "refurbished" aspect is going to work out - I've got my fingers crossed. Also found that it uses the battery really fast so you'd need an extra from the get-go.

jsmith wrote:
If she just wants a point and shoot, the SD10 or S400 should fit
the bill. I believe the SD10 is much cheaper.

darionah wrote:

This forum is great thought I would take a stab at any ideas. I
have a G-3 on the way for me. My daughter( as I said 17 ) loves to
take pictures and thinking of Christmas thought I would get an
early start. Any thoughts for an inexpensive digital with usb
connection and compact flash memory?

Appreciate your thoughts

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