I want an S1R, but need a fast 50mm...ART?

Started Feb 1, 2022 | Discussions thread
Ihmemies Junior Member • Posts: 36
Re: I want an S1R, but need a fast 50mm...ART?

I had the 50/1.4 art and have the 50/1.8 Panasonic. Art is noticeably better lens. 50/1.8 is ok. It does the job but it is not inspiring at all. It's like driving a barebones Toyota Corolla. I sold the Art because af was terrible with MC-21, the lens was huge and heavy. I'm hoping Sigma will release a fast 50mm DG DN version soon. While waiting for it the 50/1.8 does the job. Esp. at the 199€ new BF discount price I paid for it.

I would not pay full price for 50/1.8. If you don't hate the weight, size and AF too much, the Art is so much better optically.

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