Where is Z7II AF update, nikon?!

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Re: Where is Z7II AF update, nikon?!

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Af in my zii is great. If you don't like a product based on it's current specs, don't buy it with the idea it's going to meet your expectations with firmware updates. Personally I feel the zii AF is fantastic, but I'm coming from a d600, and previous use of Sony a7ii. If they do improve the af, it's take it from great to fantastic, and I'll be happy, but I'm happy with it as is. The % of photographers who actually need af better than what z7ii *provides is small,* and I thinks it's kind of a weird thing to focus on (pun intended) when z7 had probably the best image quality of any non medium format cameras and all the z lenses are phenomenal

it makes me wonder, how you noticed their number is small? cause most of them already left nikon or still never switched from D850, D6 dlsr cause they see the horrible ZII AF?! The large number of orders for Z9 which basically gives much better Af and fps than ZII shows how small is that number!
Image quality is not everything in photography, all current cameras take wonderful pictures. Probabily for you, the pixel count also shows how good one is as a photographer, right?!

The Z7 II AF is not horrible. Nobody would question that the Z9 is better for fast-moving subjects, but the Z7 II AF is perfectly good for static subjects and yes, for moving subjects too if you learn how to use it. I bought my Z7 II on the basis of the way it was when I bought it. Any upgrades to AF through firmware would be a bonus, but not something I expect or think I have a right to.

Excellent point. I bought the Z6 II because I just didn’t need the mega-megapixels of the 9 or 7. Knowing how to use AF is key. I used manual focus for many many years and yes, I had to learn how to use it. Cameras these days do a lot to help, but not replace the photographer.

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