Leica Q2 to go with Sony A7riv

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Re: Leica Q2 to go with Sony A7riv

Greg GIbbs wrote:

andyf_kd wrote:

Trym wrote:

I was considering the same to complement my a7riii. I ended up with the A7C (wish for a A7CR). The body is small withe the added benefit of the lens selection. You need to ask yourself if you really need the additional mpx.

Which lenses are you pairing with the a7C for a small kit?

Not Trym, but the 35mm 1.8 is great on the A7c. Wish there was a 28mm equivalent, because the 28mm 2.0 ain't it. I have been meaning to grab the 24 2.8 G. I have the 40G 2.8 and it was made for this camera.

35mm 1.8 is the closest result I've gotten to my Q2. Really a great lens.

@andy_kd On the A7C i primarily use 3 primes, the 24mm GM, 35mm GM and sometimes the 85mm f1.8. The typical setup is the 24GM, 35GM and the 28-200mm Tamron. Mainly bring the Tamron 28-200mm if I should need tele. It is not a very fast lens but it is sharp. In most cases I use focal lengths above 100mm for landscapes so i stop down in any case.

I support what Greb Gibbs i saying. I sold my 35mm f1.8 when i got the 35mm f1.4 GM. The 35mm f1.8 is a better lens than the 2.8 version and fits the A7C body very well.

If only one lens get the 35mm f1.8. If I would build a small and versatile prime kit for the A7C today I would probably get the 20mm f1.8, 35mm f1.8 and the 85mm f1.8. Small size, good quality, light and fits the formfactor.

However the 24GM and 35GM is my two most used lenses on the A7C. I have the Zony 35mm f2.8 if i need to get super compact but when you get spoiled by the 1.4 it is difficult to go to f2.8 primes

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