*** Challenge #328: Creative Cropping RESULTS ***

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*** Challenge #328: Creative Cropping RESULTS ***

Sorry for the bit of a delay in getting the results up. This is the part of these things that I struggle with.

That said, I really enjoyed reviewing all of the entries. Every one of them showed the power of creative cropping and every one of them demonstrated the ways in which cropping can improve upon an original, SOOC image. One thing I wondered about while viewing them all was whether they all demonstrated our collective need for longer lenses, as cropping for reach does seem to be the biggest driver.

On to the results:

First, as few Honorable Mentions:

KathyPGHPA's "Too Much Sky and Water"

As her title made clear, Kathy was faced with excess space between her subjects and both the top and bottom of the frame. Her crop brings her subjects closer to the viewer and rids the frame of vast expanses of blue that didn't add much to the composition.

Dartymix1's "Masie in the car"

As an owner of our 3rd Golden, I simply couldn't resist this one. What a great looking dog! While the final crop was rather minimal, it well served the notion of further isolating the subject and bringing it closer while eliminating unnecessary and distracting elements.

missedshot's "bucket list"

What a perfect example of cropping for reach! He also has greatly furthered the overall composition by vastly reducing unnecessary clutter. I'm very impressed by the noise suppression that doesn't seem to have yielded much muddying of detail. Nice technique. (Seeing and photographing a Peregrine is also a goal of mine, still unrealized. There is a known nesting pair not too terribly far from my home but I've yet to see either of them. Congrats on getting one.)

And on to the winners:

Jocksa's "Rutland Water"

I almost re-thought my notion of only showing the final image without the pre-crop for this one. Jocksa stated in his title that he was cropping for distractions and he did this very well but can only be really appreciated through direct comparison to the uncropped version. To my taste, he had taken a flawed image and made it strong and appealing by eliminating an unfortunate bit of beach in the corner. The final image, really only minimally cropped, is made more peaceful and calming by eliminating that factor. Very nice.

Christanne's "Cup Handles"

The crop here is relatively minimal compared to some of the other entries but still serves to improve upon an already good image. It highlights her use of color and form as compositional elements. This one almost was the top finisher but something about the lean of the green mug bothered me. Even while I do understand that the mug itself is tapered, I felt that the composition would be stronger if the red and green edges were more similar in size and placement and if the apparent angle of lean was roughly more equal. But the colors and form is very eye-catching and very enjoyable.

And the winner is . . .

mjevans' Topshop

When I first viewed the original, I almost didn't get it. OK, a street snapshot of something interesting. But the cropped image is, to me, totally eye-catching and enjoyable. No doubt the monochrome decision helps but the cropping to eliminate distracting elements has made this one a strong shot with good stopping power. Had all the mannequins been of equal height and similarly posed it wouldn't have been as strong, so maybe Martin should share the kudos with the window dresser but I really like what he's done here and think he wound up with a great photo by cropping.

So I gladly pass the baton to Martin. Congrats and I look forward to the next challenge, particularly while knowing that I won't have to judge it!

Thanks again to everyone who entered and participated.

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