400mm or 600mm for general sports photography?

Started Jan 31, 2022 | Questions thread
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Re: 400mm or 600mm for general sports photography?

The 200-400 on one body and a 600 on the 2nd D4S body is what I used. I use a monopod on the 600 and hand hold the 200-400. I’ve recently upgraded the two D4S’s I had.

This combination was ideal for Football, Soccer, Baseball, Golf etc. For basketball I would put a 70-200 on one body and a 400 f2.8 on the other. I would use that same 200-400/600 combo for anything except basketball. I never tested the 200-400 at the D1 college BB games I shot. The lighting may have been good enough at f4 but I found the 200-400 seemed a stop slower than my 600 when both were at f4. I have a 180-400 on the way. I imagine that would work.

The 200-400 works perfect for anything near field and the 600 once your subject is 30/40 yards and more away. My 400 f2.8 is an older lens without AFS but still works flawlessly and AFS is not important for sports. I would choose the 600 if I needed to pick one without hesitation.

Nikon D4S 1/1250s f/4.5 at 400.0mm iso800 (200-400)

Nikon D4S 1/1600s f/4.5 at 600.0mm iso1250

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