The Longest 3 hours of my life.... 555 is here!!!

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Re: The Longest 3 hours of my life.... 555 is here!!!

Ernesto Cardenas wrote:

I've received from FedEx the O 555 that bought by Nomatica.
At this moment the battery is charging.... i can't wait for it!!!

The bad news.... the manuals are in French... so i'm reading the
PDFs from the Pentax site.... it lools like they're scanned from
the printed version, the quality is poor. Someone knows if its
possible to buy a set of manuals or download a SPANISH version of

I'd be posting my first tests this weekend (i hope..!)

Best Regards

Hi there...

Glad you got the 555. I needed the camera before the 555 was released, and got the 450 instead.

I haven't heard of spanish manual. Checked the Pentax Europe web site, and there was no mention of 550, 450 or 555! Seems they don't have a site in latinamerica -- I don't speak spanish, so maybe ypu'll have a better luck with it.

Pentax Sweden sells the swedish manuals for about 30 EUR. Try sending an e-mail to Pentax Europe, and see what they can come up with.

Good Luck

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