Don’t throw away old DSLRs.

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Re: Coercion by manufacturers

FrancoD wrote:

QuaziSanjeed wrote:

This is also quite annoying that manufacturers are kind of coercing the photographers to buy MILCs by stopping production of DSLRs.

The problem with that is the often forgot point that every camera manufacturer is competing against the other brands and will try their best to steal sales from the others.

IF there was still a good enough demand for DSLRs to make it a viable business they would keep making them.

Penatx has found that to be their niche but it's what , 3% of the total market ?

Hard to make any money with that kind of market share when you make hi tech goods.

Agreed however, little away from the truth. As per sales statistics of digital camera sales in Japan in 2021, Pentax (Ricoh) accounted for 5.8% of the DSLR market with Canon and Nikon securing 1st and 2nd positions respectively. Pentax scored double than the figure you posted. It's available on the net, check it out.

Granted, Japanese market doesn't represent the whole world but, it's expected to be close.

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