Sony A7IV - Animal-Eye focus on the Eyelashes not iris

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Sony A7IV - Animal-Eye focus on the Eyelashes not iris


Overall - this is a camera is way better than me .. I am still learning it - so if any of you found a solution - please share ?

I stumbled on a real problem with the Animal AF, and got the below explanation from Sony:

The Camera - Sony A7IV with the FE90mm Macro

Camera had no problem locking on the Eye of the pet.

The Problem: Actual focus was on the Eye Lashes not the Iris - very obvious and annoying  (Give it a go yourself )

Shared few examples with Sony, and the below is a quote from their support:

...this is an acceptable limit of accuracy of the Eye AF. It’s a Limitation of the of the Eye AF in the camera system due to the 2-3 % area that the eye covers in the screen, which is beyond the capability of camera. Another variable is the Shallow DOF is ensured in fraction of an inch limits of technology when aperture is wide open.


To be very clear - .. the Iris itself covered 1.5% of the frame ... If I did my math correctly - that is minimum of 11 phase detectors ...  That should have been enough no ?

If I had access to focus bracketing ...  ... I would have been a happy camper ... but I don't think we got it  -  my alternative ....  I am trying tricks of "lock focus & lean forward"  I picked from Tony&Chelsea ...

Please advise a better solution ?


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