Out and about with A7RM2 and Samyang 75/1.8

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Out and about with A7RM2 and Samyang 75/1.8

A little bit of sunshine and blue sky today invited me take out my new (for me, got it used) A7RM2 for the first time - with a Samyang 75/1.8 as companion.

#1: A first shot was used to check on color rendition and sharpness - stopped down to f4.5.

Then I concentrated more on the shallow DOF this combo provides fully or almost wide open. All of the following seven pics taken at f1.8.

#2: A hub cap, seen through a metal fence.

#3: A backlit plant.

#4: Pink berries growing through a chain-link fence.

#5: Yellow catkins, at the same fence.

#6: Straw.

#7: A donkey.

#8: Head shot of the same donkey, very nice soft rendering IMO.

#9: Almost the same shot, but this time taken at f2.2 - sharpens up considerably, lot's of additional detail now visible.

A crop from #9: In fact it sharpens up so good that color moiré is clearly visible in the region around the eye - I had to remove it in Lightroom with a correction brush. Here a 100% crop, on top with the moiré removed, below the original (best seen at original size).

#10: And finally again at f1.8 a tree against a busy background - good separation IMO.

All in all I'm quite satisfied with the first results I got from this combo.

Comments and thoughts always welcome!


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