My upgrade path is over: Best of all worlds -

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My upgrade path is over: Best of all worlds -

Story time! Im gonna take you back a ways and if you don't like stories that's ok, you don't have to read it. If during this read you find yourself thinking my path of cameras is, relatively to yours, a bit crazy, you are probly right. 10+ years ago i started out with a LV based ILC but one of the lowest end, a Sony A33. Went Pentax DSLR next but after 6mo it fell from a tripod and died.

25+ cameras later and im here in 2020 with an R6. Pentax, Sony, Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Panasonic and Olympus. From MFT to FF, multiple times in all 3 formats, back and forth, system to system, brand to brand. The further i went the more i learned what kind of features and performance i wanted, unfortunately it always seems every camera/brand/system was lacking something the other had. It almost seems like it's on purpose...

For the last year i have been fairly happy with Fuji with an XT3 and XS10 (the most satisfied up to that point) with just a few weaknesses. Apsc sensor, the eye AF wasn't the best, and i was limited in a worthwhile upgrade path. I've tried to fix those issues several times trying out other options like an Olympus EM1x, a Z5 and R6. Nearly bought a Sony A9 this week instead of the R6.

Short of a Z9 Nikon's AF just won't cut it yet, the Z5 was almost identical to my Fujis but was worse when a subject was backlit and the Z6/7 versions aren't any better. The EM1x had even worse eye AF than my Fujis and a smaller sensor. The only issue i had with the R6 was jpeg output, which is the single biggest strength of Fujis, and it's #1 or 2 priority for me as i shoot mostly portraits. Then i found the EOS utility can load up profiles from online download packs.

Hello Valhalla! The only check mark the R6 does not nail for me is a tilting screen but i can overlook that, it's not a huge deal. I've finally found AF that is crazy good, eye AF that works like it should, battery life is very good at 510 shots (i mostly use the LCD), i can use my wonderful EF 135L, and it has very good IBIS. All of this is great but wouldn't be enough if i didn't like the output, thank goodness for whoever made these film emulations.

I have only tried a few so far but one look at my first Fuji Astia shot on the LCD and i knew it was all over. Finally a camera that checks all the NEED boxes. This is of course my needs, 20mp isn't enough for some people, for me it's enough. It was maddening, every time in the past i LOVED some features of a camera, it was also inferior in at least one way that was important. It was like playing a never ending game of the lesser of evils.

I finally have no complaints. Finally. I feel like Kaycee from that vlogging channel looking for the perfect camera, well for me it's the R6 (with jpeg profiles), it really is the best of all worlds for my needs (and i suspect others). Will i upgrade eventually? Of course, but it will be a while before there's a big enough jump in performance for the dollar to warrant spending thousands. In the meantime i will be turning my attention to lenses and testing out of these 150 film emulations.

Well done Canon.

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