How to Shoot With Kodak TMax P3200 at 6400 or More With Xtol?

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Re: How to Shoot With Kodak TMax P3200 at 6400 or More With Xtol?

About 30 years ago I worked for about 3 years extensively on a " monster grain" project. I worked with Fuji 400, Fuji 1600 and Tri-X 400.....and pushing the heck out of it! I was working at a photo lab and was fortunate to be able to talk to our Kodak rep and get a few rolls of TMZ 3200 when it first came out. After a LOT of shooting and different developing experiments I settled on pushing it to 25,000 using Edwal FG7 1:15 at 85° for 20 minutes. However, because the slightest under/over exposure in the field could cause problems I had to bracket a bit when shooting.

I also started shooting Kodak EES P800/1600, pushing it to 25,000 as well, and printing it with a brand new Kodak Laser Printer. That made things even more grainy!

I was blessed with being able to show my work for a month at an art gallery at a private school in town. I remember talking with the art director beforehand and him say " Please, Ansel Adams type photos. That's all we get these days". problem!

After the show, I started working with a Pentax 110 camera set. That was getting me real excited until our new digital department guy said he could get the same look with his computer. I went home, packed up all my project in boxes and never messed with it again.

Just a few...

TMX 3200 > 25,000

P800/1600 > 25,000

I might make a post soon with a few more images and info.

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