How much post processing do you do generally?

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How much post processing do you do generally?

Got curious about this.  In the past many pros might had just used a lab and they did the film processing and the printing and the framing and also the scanning.  When digital came it was said some had to learn Photoshop and now people might had gotten scanners and printers and did this stuff at home but could it be this is more a personal hobby thing.

Re: digital photographs how much processing do you do?  This is normal shot images, ie not panos and time lapses etc.  or other specifics like focus stacking, star trails, HDR etc

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It's straight out of camera or edited or applied in camera.
4.6% 7  votes
I mostly do basic editing and enhancing.
44.4% 67  votes
A mixture of basic editing but at a decent amount I also bring into a more sophisticated software spend more time with it.
39.7% 60  votes
I mostly do more extensive editing with my files.
9.3% 14  votes
I do something else, a significantly I do are specific photography that requires other software approaches.
2.0% 3  votes
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