Argh - Sensor cleaning mishap (help needed)

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Re: Nervous?

David Lal wrote:

KJ789 wrote:

I feel like an idiot blowing onto the shutter. Any chance I damaged it in trying to clean the sensor? I know it is very delicate, but I'm hopeful that it is still OK. Not sure how to test it beyond using it.

My Word! You seem nervous! Providing you did not actually touch the shutter blades with the nozzle of the blower I think the chances of damage to the shutter are very low.

I think you need to do a whole lot more research and acquire the necessary knowledge to do a wet clean (properly). At first it is a scary process but ultimately becomes a doddle. I've done literally hundreds of wet cleanings on several DSLRs since 2004. Read up about it: the internet is awash (pun intended!) with instructions.

Also, contrary to other people I recommend NOT puffing about with a blower inside the camera.

Be of brave heart - and good luck.

Many thanks.  I've used Nikon crop-sensor DSLRs (entry-level models) for well over a decade, but have never had to clean a sensor (and, frankly, never really checked).  The D500 is the first camera I've ever purchased used, and it's the nicest camera I've ever owned, by far.  So, yes, I'm a bit nervous!

But, I did get a very good deal and am willing to use this to learn.  I've watched a bunch of videos about wet-cleaning sensors already, but I will watch more and make sure I knows the camera controls inside/out before trying.

Again, thank you for the re-assurance.

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