Call me crazy ... just another X-S1

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Re: Call me crazy ... just another X-S1

babha wrote:

@ DougSilver

Which three pictures do You mean?

Anyway, all the shown pictures are jpegs straight out of the camera. Just for one of the ice pictures I lifted exposure 1/3 ev. using RawTherapee.

Settings I used were:

Provia normal +1, sharpness normal, shadows and lights both soft for maximum DR (at L size and ISO 100 there is only DR100%), NR low.

I used MF (AF at least in my copy didn`t put focus proper on the ice ... that happened before with another X-S1 too).

Meter was set to spot.

A mode

No histogram (which I find rather disturbing in really high contrast situations, specially if the bright sun is in the picture)

My mistake-- was talking about the three images that show up in WiltshireMoonrakers post. It looks like there is some textured screen or something applied to the photos. I was wondering if this was an effect that was applied in Photoshop or another program.

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