Shooting BIF..WAY uncommon settings ..but good results

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Shooting BIF..WAY uncommon settings ..but good results

I think I am alone in this technique.

Using my Z 50 and either Z 50-250mm lens or a newly acquired Sigma 100-400mm lens,

Lately I am using the Sigma 100-400mm and FTZ  for BIF:

My settings:


Auto area wide small

Silent mode

11fps Cont H

I usually half press shutter button, then press fully for just a few shots, let off shutter and back on.

I may do this 4 to 6 times as a bird is in sight .


Above shots all with a non Z lens and FTZ adapter, so AF might not be as fast?


Even using the Z 50-250mm lens...and an 18 year old FRONT Mounted 1.5x Tele Converter that was dropped twice

Z 50-250mm with 1.5x Nikon TC

Z 50-250mm with 1.5x TC

Yet I read about most folk are using:


Back Button AF

Shutter (not Electronic, as with Silent mode)

Using lower fps bursts (5) with momentary blackout.

So can I expect better results if using some or most of the above, instead of what I listed earlier in this post?

Thanks for any thoughts on this.


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