A few test shots I made with the Pan 100-400 vs 200 f2.8

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A few test shots I made with the Pan 100-400 vs 200 f2.8

Here is the original thread where I gave my background and how I was going to rent these two lenses:


I've sent them back now and I mentioned on another thread that I ended up being disappointed in the big zoom and preferred the fast 200mm. Sharpness and color transmission/fidelity just seemed better on the fixed prime. Which of course we would expect to a degree... but I never could get those razor sharp images of birds I see others post... even when I took photos of Cardinals in my front yard.

So here are some really boring pictures where I took the time to trying to do a real "test shot" with both lenses. This is my steel shooting range area in the back pasture. Taking photos there let me actually rest the camera and lens on a rifle rest. Between the rest and the fast shutter speed and the manual focus... I don't know what else I could do to help things out!

Important thing to remember here... I was manually focusing on that first bank of steel swingers. The ones hanging from the 2x4. The little plastic target holder at the bottom is actually closer to me. The torso target and the tires are several feet further back. So these various things aren't at the same distance from the camera.

The day I got them in, I carried the zoom out to the barnyard and took some up close photos of goats and chickens. Frustratingly enough in hindsight, this close up of a rooster at max zoom and really high ISO is probably the best looking photo I got the whole time out of the zoom! If they were all like this... but most seemed a lot more blah...

Oh, I'll put in one more decent one that was taken within five minutes of that rooster shot... our oldest nanny goat... face seems nice and sharp...

OK... so I tried to make things same same for the first shot... This is the zoom lens set to 200mm. (Camera for all this is my Lumix G9. Set to max quality .jpg plus RAW. So I have RAW images for all these... but they don't really look any different... And I think these are all straight out of the camera, no procession or cropping, etc.)

After I shot that, I realized that Auto ISO had really pushed me way up there.. I was trying to use a super fast shutter speed. In retrospect I should have set ISO lower and used a lower shutter speed since this was being shot from a rest at static targets... I think at this point I was just sort of desperate and trying to find a way to get super sharp photos from it!

So I decided to zoom in a bit more and use ISO 1000 and 1/640. Might be a bit better... maybe?

And finally, here is the 200mm f2.8 comparison image.. this was shot nearly wide open at f3.2.

OK, I have lots of other shots... of course... I had them for six days... but I won't bore you with them unless there are specific questions.

Panasonic Lumix DC-G9
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