All frame rates jutter/stutter

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All frame rates jutter/stutter


Newbie here. I'm having this issue of stuttering, screen tearing, or spot warping (?) at all frame rates when panning-- especially lateral movements. I've seen it in other peoples' videos as well. Happens on my GoPro but this guy's POV footage is super fluid despite quick movements @ 2:20

24p 4k test:

30p 4k test:

60p 4k test:

The 30p and 60p look okay on my phone but still bother me. Am i just panning too quickly for 24p?

Lumix S5, 24-105mm 6.5 stops stabilization. Shot @ f8
420/8L Manual mode, MOV format.
24-30-60p with corresponding shutter speeds (1/50, 1/60, 1/120)
Exported as H.264, CBR, and bitrate of 19mbs.
I am aware of the jutters you get shooting 24p and viewing on a 60hz monitor, but im getting the same results on my iphone.

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