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FTZ... * Teleconverter

The Z9 is here. Great!
Some Z telephotos are starting to arrive. Also great!

But I heard that there might also be some F telephotos that people already own or already available. So the simple solution today is to use an FTZ. Because it will be several years before lots of variety of Z telephoto lenses get out there and people actually want to sell and switch to them.


What do you do about teleconverters? Today, there are Z teleconverters for Z lenses, and there are F teleconverters for F lenses. Z TC's cannot be used with an FTZ, so people need multiple sets of TC's. Aside from this, an FTZ + F-TC + lens is not ideal because it adds connection/failure points, is one more thing to remember (and swap), extends the weight and size forward, etc.

There's a simple solution. The FTZ is empty space in prime real estate. So Nikon can offer a variety of FTZ's, including a few with integrated TC for use with the Z cameras. There should be no physical/optical issues in doing this.  The only issue would be one of commercialization.

You can imagine this as being anything, including multiple options. 1.4x, 1.7x, 2.0x...
...even a switchable (though bulkier) TC, like in the new 400mm F/2.8S, allowing us to add a TC switch to every F mount lens.

Personally, I want one. I like the portability of the 300mm F/4 PF, and I don't see Nikon doing another long lens this small any time soon (the 400mm F/4.5 on the roadmap looks closer in size to the 500mm PF).  Since I already use an FTZ, I'd rather use that real estate for a TC.

So how many of you would buy a FTZ-TC?

Yes, I would buy an integrated FTZ-TC
50% 22  votes
No, I would not buy an integrated FTZ-TC
50% 22  votes
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