Qimage vs. Canon's Professional Print & Layout

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Re: Qimage vs. Canon's Professional Print & Layout

nickbatz wrote:

I downloaded the Mac version of Qimage One.

What advantages does it have over Canon's Professional Print & Layout program if you're using a Canon Pro-1000?

This is not a rhetorical question - I really do want to know whether there's anything I'm not seeing! (The context is that lots of people here have recommended Qimage very highly.)


I'm not the right person to give an in-depth answer, but for what it's worth, I'd say download some test prints and try them on both print options. I used this method with the Lightroom print module, Canon Print Studio Pro and Qimage. I got the best results with the Lightroom print module, particularly with black and white. I'm a refiller using PC inks and profiles on a Pro100 so my results are specific to my setup.

I was curious about Qimage when the printer guru, Jose Rodriguez, said in a recent YouTube video that all things being equal (printer, ink, profiles, etc.), Qimage would do a better job than LR. He didn't say why, though, and I'm not seeing it myself.


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