Replacing Picasa

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Replacing Picasa

I've managed to keep Picasa on my main computer all these years by transferring over my whole operating system when I build a new machine.  But, this machine can't get upgraded to Windows 11 (something to do with the boot loader), so someday, I'll have to give up on Picasa.

What's a good replacement?

Here are my must-haves:

1. Ease of use and easy of editing (love the quick fix buttons on Picasa)

2. Photo organization -- can be as simple as keeping track of all my photos, so I don't have to find them myself on the drive

3. Quick retouching -- removing blemishes on Picasa is really easy and intuitive -- click on the blemish, click on something that looks similar, and you're done

4. Preserves the originals.  Even better if it never touches the originals, but just keeps track of your changes, the way Picasa does.  That way, I don't have originals and edited copies cluttering up the hard drive.

5. Free or relatively cheap -- say, $100 or less.  Pay once, no subscriptions.


1. Face tracking, so I can put names to faces.  I can already do this with Google Photos, and use that to find the original if necessary, but I'd like it better if it were built in

2. Easy uploading, sharing, and photo ordering.  I can always do this manually if necessary (I have to now for Picasa because it has lost its connection to the various APIs).

3, Quick and lightweight.  Picasa loads immediately and any effects are super fast.

Don't need:

1. Raw processing.  Haven't had the patience for that in a long time.

2. Layers, complicated selection tools (I already have the GIMP if I want get serious)

3. Cloud storage

What kind of photographer am I?  I usually take pictures of people, mostly family members, mostly for holidays.  I take more when I'm on vacation, but I don't usually edit those.  I'm the family photographer for holidays, so I'll take a bunch of shots, quick edit on Picasa (fix lighting, contrast, minor retouching, cropping) and upload to some site where the subjects can use for sharing or holiday cards or whatever.  Unless the picture is really important, I just want to spend less than a minute fixing it -- often just auto contrast and crop.

I use a Fuji X-T30 and Windows.

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