Ephotozine Review: Z 100-400/4.5-5.6 S VR

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Re: Actual 100-400 vs 70-200 at 200mm or 400mm

kenw wrote:

Just to put a fork in the Ephotozine implied 100-400 besting the 70-200 here are shots taken on the same camera rather than Ephotozine’s inexplicably stupid test of the 70-200 on a Z5:

70-200/2.8S at 200/2.8

70-200/2.8S at 200/4

100-400/4-5.6S at 200/5

100-400/4-5.6S at 400/5.6

As one would expect the 70-200 even wide open is a bit sharper at its long end compared to the 100-400 either at 200 or 400. Which isn’t a dig against the 100-400 at all which appears to be an astoundingly good 100-400.



Interesting, thanks. It makes sense.

According to my eye, having shot some of the finest lenses out there, the 70-200 is über- sharp and über clean, like Zeiss APO sonar clean — but having the advantage of AF and VR.

It's really in a class by itself, as far zooms go. Appreciate your time in posting this.

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Please forgive: I use voice text, so there may be typos. Hopefully it still makes sense

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