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Re: 5d4 vs R5 for astro.....

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my biggest concern about upgrading to R5 from 5d4 is noise. specifically noise at high ISOs at night. i shoot milky way between 800-3200 iso

surprisingly there are few reviews on the comparison of the two cameras for shooting astro and people are still giddy from the purchase of the R5 so they may not be fully objective

i would appreciate feedback from anyone who has used both the R5 and 5D4 for astrophotography. i am not interested in any other cameras-- e.g. R6 -- just a comparison of the two cameras. thank you!

Personally I chose an unmodded R and and a modded RP to get away from those dreadful color polygons of the R5 and R6.

There are some serious problems going on in low contrast low light work with a lot of the newer cameras from different makers. The scaling to avoid color shift with intensity cause massive problems for astrophotographers. This is a well known and well documented issue among astro photograpgers.

For general photography the scaling is welcome.

For causual astrophotography the R5 should do as well as the R6. For serious astro photography the color polygons cause problems when extracting very faint objects.

Please - what are the “dreadful colour polygons”?

Here is an example from the Canon EOS R which is pretty good at low light low contrast imaging:

That's an interesting example.  The only rings I've come across with the EOS R are in the red channel at low ISO.  But the ones above are mainly in the green channel. Is this a single exposure or a stack?  If you have a raw available I would love to have a look.


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