Shooting with a 35mm ttartisan lens on xs10

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Apart from shoot without lens - on, are there any other things I shoud set on the menus and where can they be found?

Will the camera Ibis work with totaly manual lenses?


The IBIS will work great, just remember to set the adapter focal length to that of the lens because that setting changes how the IBIS works. On the X-H1 it's in (camera icon) shooting setting>Mount adapter setting. This seems to matter more with longer lenses.

If you have a variety of manual lenses, you can set each one up in the menus and then use a Custom menu slot to save it.

Do I st it by the width of the lens or by the 35mm equivalent. If I have a ttartisan 35mm for fuji, do I put 35 or 50 (52) which is the real ff focus?

a 35mm lens is a 35mm lens regardless of what sensor size you put behind it, so you set 35mm in the camera

thanks a lot

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