Lumix S5 exposure simulation and shutter effect enigma

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Re: Lumix S5 exposure simulation and shutter effect enigma

Yes, you are right. I drove 2 hours to the store yesterday to check for myself and Constant Preview settings allow you to leave constant preview on and turn shutter effect off but strangely that also turns off the exposure simulation element as if they are inextricably entwined and tired together. Anyways I inputted a 1 second shutter to see the level of blur and it was like mist when I moved the camera from side to side. So framing panoramas where I need to see the overlap would be impossible considering I usually use between 1 and 10 seconds. However EFV displays are not so good in darkish situations anyways so maybe it would be better if I had the gained up live boost on instead and so constant preview off. I do like the camera a lot though it's so nice to hold and the images I see online look amazing especially in lowlight even 12800 look clean and the colours are so artful. Thanks for your reply

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