Freezing vision after a burst on an Canon R3

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Re: Freezing vision after a burst on an Canon R3

Fab-BZH wrote:

I don't own an R3, but have you enabled the image preview ?

With a mirroless camera, image preview is not as important than it was with a DSLR, because you always can see (approximatively) what the recorded image will be (with exposure simulation, of course). The "one-frame preview" at the end of a burst will certainly be very similar to the previous burst images seen in the viewfinder, so why would it be useful to keep this image preview ?

So, and I do that with my R5, I have disabled the image preview to prevent freezing images in the viewfinder (which is very ennoying, I agree). I did the same on my little M50 and it's far better to use.

Maybe it's what freezes images in the R3. Tell us back if it is.

It's Image Review, Viewfinder display, red menu number 8 in the R3.  It lets you see the last pic in the viewfinder, so you don't need to check it on the rear screen.

It's only 2-8 seconds, and can be useful, but not when you are taking a new pic and don't want to be looking at the old one.  So I too am disabling mine now after the same experience.

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