Why i dont want to be a "professional" photographer.

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Why i dont want to be a "professional" photographer.

I noticed in photography and about everywhere else in life that there are strict standards to what is considered "proper way" of doing things and to be licensed or get diploma you would need to learn to repeat exactly this sequence of actions. Basically society just synchronizes a person to the "proper way of thinking about photography" forcing him to use "proper techniques" by repeating after so called "professionals", who are professionals if you think about it its people who learned skills of that profession/trait and now passing it along to others or use to make living off of it.

My problem with this approach is is all this industry standards and desire for perfection take out all the fun of learning something yourself and getting good at it. Instead they convince you that you need to get perfect "color", get "perfect exposure", shoot in "perfect resolution" with proper "professional camera", and of course you must use RAW format because professionals do.

Basically after they brainwashing you to follow all this standards to earn the "professional" credentials and to do this you must repeat after them (like parrot) and buy all this professional grade equipment.

The thrive for perfection, is at cost of turning photography from joyful activity that you do for yourself into a routine activity you do to earn living or earn recognition as "professional".

Me i like to enjoy what i do if there's something i dont know yet i like to learn it gradually by experience not start with this professional must have must do like color passports and other tools.

Why invent bicycle again?
Its fun of learn on your own plus you can discover things that many people who go by the book (repeat after someone) will never discover.

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